Partnersites / Links

Here I introduce you a lot of different partnersites/links, they are either deals with Dean Cain, Lois & Clark or deals with other actors/actresses, movies/series.


If you're interested in other websites, than have a look on the following links.



Dean Cain


Another very nice and great website about Dean Cain. There you can find a lot of very nice screencaps from Dean’s movies.


I would like to introduce you an another website about Dean Cain. It's the website from my friend Chantal.

At the moment her website is still predominantly in French, but Chantal works on it to translate all in English.



Lois & Clark


If you would like to know more about the series “Lois & Clark – The New Adventures of Superman”, than you’re right here. It’s a great website with a lot of infos, for example promo-pics, promo-videos, interviews (with Dean & Teri), screencaps from every single episode etc.


If you are interested in Lois & Clark-Fanfiction/Nfanfiction than you’re right at this website. All the fanfictions are in English.


The Boss from this website is Folc4evernaday. She called herself “Folc4evernaday Productions”. She writes absolutely great Fanfictions, as well as Nfanfictions. She produces her own trailer-videos to her Fanfictions.


With this website you’re absolutely right when you enjoy to read Fanfictions or Nfanfictions. I’ve read a few of them, watched the trailer-videos and I’m enthusiasm of them.


Have a look on it!!!! Oh and a lot of fun with reading the Fanfictions!!!


Here you see the link to the „Lois & Clark Messageboard“. It’s an english board with a lot of information about Dean Cain, Teri Hatcher and the series “Lois & Clark – The New Adventures of Superman”. This board has a separate category for all the other medias with Superman.


Zoomway (sorry I don’t know her real name) is the Boss from this messageboard. She loves her board and works hard on it.


Have a look at this board please!!!! There are sooo many really nice users who loves to talk about the series, Dean & Teri. I’m there since 2006 and I feel comfortable there.


Official DSB website:


Official Facebook-site of DSB:


Official Twitter-account of DSB:


Guys, I share the links of the band DSB, because Dean's brother Roger Cain is the guitar-player of the band. Oh and DSB is the best tribute-band ever.


DSB is staying for "Don't Stop Believing". I don't know if you remember the band Journey and DSB is their tribute-band.


So guys, please check out the official website, FB-site and Twitter-account from the band. You won't be disappointed, believe me.


other Partnersites/Links


Guys, here you see the website-link and Facebook-link. The two sites are from a very good friend of mine. Her name is Katrina Cook. She is a Casting Director and she has her own Casting-Agency.


So you are surprised why I post her links here? Quite simply, she had done the casting for one of Dean's new movies, called "I Am Gabriel" and I support her website and fb-site here with pleasure.


Go on her website and fb-site and you will see what I mean. She will be very happy if you like her fb-site.


I would like to introduce you the fan-website and messageboard with all about the actor Scott Bakula. The Boss from both sites is Mark, a very good friend from me.


In both sites (fan-website & messageboard) you will find all worth knowings about Scott Bakula. If you interested in this actor than have a look on it.


If you know the actor Lee Majors or you’re a big fan of him than I recommend you this messageboard. It is very informative and presents all what have to do with Lee Majors, his movies and series. I’m a user in it several times and I feel comfortable there.


Mark is the Boss from this messageboard too. He works hard for it. Oh and in the next time he will make a fan-website about Lee Majors. If he has done it and the website is online, I will post the link here.