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Guys, I'm sooo sorry, but I'm working too much and really hard on my Facebook-site, so I haven't the time for updating my website everytime.


So therefore I was changing/deleting a few things. (You can see it in the link-list on the left side)


I've changed my website now only to an info-site with all the links of my accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Photobucket)


I hope everyone of you have understanding for this?


Nice Greets


Your Admin Manu





So here comes the list with the links of my accounts:  



My unofficial Facebook-site:


My Facebook-group (it only works when you are logged in):


My Twitter-account:


My Instagram-account:


My YouTube-channel:


My Photobucket-account:


Admin Manu's IMDB-site:

(special thanks for Dean's movie





Please check out the links......


If you love what I do on my Facebook-site, feel free to like it....


If you want to be a member of my Facebook-group than feel free and send a request there.....


and if you want to get news about Dean everytime on Twitter, feel free to follow my fansite-twitter-account.....


On everything you are soooo very welcome!!!!



Guys, now my fansite is on Google+ too.

Please click the following button and check it out!!!